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Fight, Flight and Freeze

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

We have all heard of this phrase in conjunction with trauma and how people deal with catastrophes. However, we can all experience this in our daily lives.

The instinct for Fight, Flight or Freeze comes from deep within the brain, in this most primitive part known as the Amygdala. Even in the Modern World we are often held to account by the Primitive Mind. This is the same thought processes that Primitive Man experienced 1.8 million years ago.

The Primitive Mind is always trying to protect us. If it perceives danger (and it's always on the look out for it!) it will try to help us and Fight, Flight and Freeze responses are just a way to protect ourselves.

When the Primitive Mind is in control, then we are more likely experience negative feelings. Anger is a modern take on Fight, Anxiety is the equivalent of Flight and Depression is encompassed by the Freeze. If we feel Anxious, Angry or Depressed in any way, we are living in the Primitive Mind.

The wonderful thing about Hypnotherapy in that allows us access to the Primitive Mind and we can remind the Intellectual Mind that the situation can be dealt with. Once the Intellectual Mind regains control, then we ourselves regain control and mentally this is the best place to be. Once we regain control, we can view things in a positive manner and that, in turn, allows us to move forward with our lives.

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